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avian-summers is like a fucking pokedex.

i’m still super new to the whole pokemon thing so i’m always showing her things i get in wonder trade that are nicknamed and going “what’s this?”

also when i’m battling people and sitting next to her i don’t have to pull up bulbapedia because she can just tell me the types of every frikkin thing i’m battling and what it’s weak to.

it’s great.

My brother’s even crazier than me, he can remember the level ups for moves a lot better than I can. I remember what a Pokemon will generally be packing and that’s about it.

Hannah: Oh my god I missed my quizzes. I was playing Pokemon.

Me: Yeah I’ve been there. Luckily I had my parents to yell at me then.

Hannah: You were supposed to yell at me! I’m blaming you for this.

Me: -raises an eyebrow-

Hannah: Oh my god. I’m not posting this on tumblr.

Me: I am if you’re gonna blame me for it.

April 14 2014 - 1


Cave hideout by ZetIlex



April 13 2014 - 6 - madlecter - @madlecter

>Buy an Inspector Berrybreath
>Reread part of Act 5
>Put on Hero of Light shirt

That’s it. Happy Homestuck day to me.

April 13 2014 - 1

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