please have a cuttlefish cutie-pie as an apology for disappearing so often ;;;


Sad Sherlock. With tears. And pen. Yeah. Pen. Uhm.


in what universe was this permitted

[lineart-only version because it kind of looks better…]




Out of all the starters, Chikorita in it’s shiny form reminds me the most of autumn. So i picked to draw Chikorita for day 2 of the October Pokemon Halloween Challenge.


Ella the Bunny by Jamie Denton


Pokemon : Mega Pidgeot.
Speed paint agian.


I love how they give him a mega evolve, he’s one of underused-neverused Pokemon.
I glad he will stronger and have chance in battle!

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Lord Ghirahim…By Cacacolllllllllla

☆。*☽Just Beyond The Veil Of Your Existence☾*。☆


Agitha joins Hyrule Warriors and my 13 years old self gets all of her dreams fullfilled.

I wanted to draw her dress since like middle school but did it only today. What a shame.


So I got my copy of Hyrule Warriors in the mail the other day (AND IT’S SO FUN) but I found out that when you first meet Midna, you actually have to beat her up to win the stage. I WAS SO DISTRESSED LIKE WHY I DONT WANT TO HARM THE QUEEN.  I was crying sorry the whole time it was awful.

SO HERE IS MY GIFT AND APOLOGY TO THE QUEEN OF TWILIGHT.  And I also really felt like drawing her because shes fun and I’ve taken a liking to the black+bright blue palette when just doodling her.  The black makes it especially fun and easy since I can blop it around and shape things accordingly (*´▽`*) I’m kinda in the middle with how this turned out since I’m still struggling with this slump but…!  I’m just happy I was able to draw Midna again and now I can finally play as her in HW.  A DREAM COME TRUE.